Medical Alert Review

In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell

As the nation’s largest independent provider of medical alert systems, Medical Alert is trusted by hundreds of thousands of families, hospitals and healthcare organizations throughout the country—and with good reason.

  • Mobile system battery life is up to 36 hours
  • Fall detection on every system and mobile GPS
  • No activity monitoring
  • Smoke detection not standard

Medical Alert provides comprehensive at-home and on-the-go medical alert systems to keep you safe and independent while living in your own home and community. Their lightweight, waterproof medical alert systems provide 24/7 monitoring and access to emergency response at the push of a button. Equipment comes at no charge with no activation fees or long-term contracts. Each system is available with Automatic Fall Detection, which senses a fall and connects you to an operator even if you can’t push your button.

Enjoy the independence you love and the security you need knowing that help is always just a button push away. Medical Alert delivers ultimate peace of mind at the best value with extremely affordable prices, unmatched customer service, a clean and transparent shopping experience, and immediate emergency response anytime, anywhere.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Prices Start at $19.95/mo.
  • One month free
  • Free second button
  • Free shipping
  • Waterproof shower safe buttons
  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • Premium protection with 24/7 monitoring
  • Immediate, reliable emergency response
  • At-home and on-the-go systems
  • Automatic fall detection—no button needed
  • GPS monitoring & location tracking
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Recommended by leading hospitals and caregivers
  • No equipment charges
  • No long-term contracts
  • No activation fees

Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions

General Overview

Options to Suit Every Lifestyle

Whether you’re seeking security in the comfort of your own home or looking for something to support your on-the-go lifestyle, Medical Alert has you covered.

With a Medical Alert bracelet or pendant, the simple push of a button connects you instantly to a highly trained emergency response operator who determines and sends the help you need. Whether you’ve suffered a serious injury or just want to notify a caretaker of your whereabouts, help is standing by.

All devices come with a battery back-up to keep protected in the case of a power outage. They are incredibly lightweight and waterproof, allowing you to wear them in the tub or shower where accidents frequently occur.

At Home Products

Medical Alert has systems that work with or without a landline. The system includes a 2-way speakerphone alarm base and lightweight bracelet or pendant buttons. Just press the help button on any device and an operator will respond immediately.

Setting up the at-home systems is a breeze. You simply plug the base station unit into a wall outlet to power it up, connect the phone cord (if your system requires a landline) and then turn it on. That’s it.

Pricing for Medical Alert’s At-Home system starts at just $19.95 a month for the landline unit, and $29.95 a month for the no-landline unit. Automatic Fall Detection can be added to either product for just $10 a month.

On the Go Products

You can rest assured you’ll get the help you need wherever your life takes you with the MobileElite medical alert system, which uses GPS technology to identify your location should you need help. It includes a handheld mobile device, lightweight bracelet or pendant buttons, carrying case, charging cradle and cord. Just press the help button on the mobile device, bracelet or pendant and an operator will respond immediately.

The MobileElite system is extremely easy to set up. Just make sure the mobile device is fully charged. Once it’s charged, you’ll want to test the system by pushing the emergency button.

Pricing for the MobileElite product starts as low as $34.95/month. Automatic Fall Detection can also be added to this package for just $10 a month.

Automatic Fall Detection

Enabled with Automatic Fall Detection, your Medical Alert bracelet or pendant can sense a fall and contact an operator immediately—even if you can’t press your button. This feature is ideal for those at risk of falling, having a heart attack or seizure, or experiencing a medical emergency that might result in a fall. It provides peace of mind not just to the user, but also to his or her family members. Automatic Fall Detection can be added to any Medical Alert plan for just $10 a month.

365Access Caregiver App

Medical Alert also has an app that loved ones can use to make sure the person wearing the device is okay at all times.

With the company’s 365Access Caregiver App, you can check your loved one’s status any time of day or night, right from your phone. The 365Access Caregiver App includes location monitoring, communication, notifications and additional information.



Medical Alert provides reliable medical monitoring solutions at an affordable price without ever compromising the customer experience. Every Medical Alert operator is 5-diamond certified and highly trained in emergency and non-emergency response. They are fast and dependable, which is of the utmost importance when time is of the essence.

There is a reason that Medical Alert’s emergency alert systems have long been the gold standard of medical monitoring devices. Theirs are some of the best, most reliable products on the market. They are lightweight and waterproof, extremely easy to set up and operate, and they come with battery back-up to ensure users are protected even during power outages. The products all enable crystal clear communication, and their fall detection feature works even without a button push.

Medical Alert has been a trusted leader in the emergency monitoring industry for more than 10 years, providing protection to hundreds of thousands of customers. They are always updating their products to include the most cutting-edge technology, and their systems are regularly tested for ultimate reliability.

Their multiple ULC-listed monitoring centers are standing by 24/7 to take your call, and all their centers are staffed by SIA-certified operators. Medical Alert is one of the founding members of the Medical Alert Monitoring Association (MAMA), they have an A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau, and they are recommended by hospitals, home health care agencies, and healthcare professionals nationwide.

Customers rave about the company’s stellar customer service. Medical Alert offers all the benefits of a big company, with the accessibility and appeal of a small, family-owned business. They are transparent in their terms and conditions; what you see is what you get. They take a customer-first approach to business, and their users’ safety is what drives them. Not only that, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if for some reason, you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase, you need only return it within 30 days, and you’ll get a full refund. It’s no wonder that customer reviews are full of positive feedback and that Medical Alert is regarded as the gold standard of emergency monitoring device providers.

Plans & Pricing

Plans & Pricing

Despite the high quality of their technology and services, Medical Alert is one of the most affordable medical monitoring device companies on the market. As one of the largest businesses of its kind, Medical Alert produces systems at higher volumes and pass those savings onto their customers. They also offer a variety of options to suit every budget. You can pay monthly, semi-annually or annually, but you’ll get the best rate if you pay annually:

  • At-Home Landline: Starts at $18.29/mo.
  • At-Home No Landline: Starts at $27.45/mo.
  • MobileElite: Starts at $32.04/mo.

Automatic Fall Detection is available on all plans for just an additional $10 per month. Unlike many of its competitors, Medical Alert has no activation, installment or equipment fees. And they offer free shipping. You’re never locked into any long-term contracts, and they stand behind their services with a 30-day, risk-free Money Back Guarantee. If for some reason you aren’t 100 percent satisfied with their service, you can cancel without penalty.

Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits

Waterproof Wearables

Since many falls happen in the shower, Medical Alert’s bracelets, pendants and fall detection buttons are all waterproof, which means you’ll stay safe in the shower, bath and even the pool.

Total Dependability

When time is of the essence, you need crystal clear two-way communication with an operator. You’ll get that–plus reliable cellular connectivity and battery backup power outage protection.

Money Back Guarantee

If for some reason you aren’t 100% satisfied with your Mobile Alert product, you can cancel any time. Do it within 30 days, and you’ll get a full refund. No long-term commitments here.

Backed by the Best

Medical Alert is so committed to quality that they founded the Medical Alert Monitoring Association, which has since become the most trusted authority in the industry. Plus, they’ve got an A+ Better Business Bureau ranking, which means you can be confident that their technology and services are the best of the best.

24/7 Monitoring

Medical Alert offers 24/7 professional monitoring by highly trained, multilingual, SIA-Certified operators. The company has fully redundant, UL-certified monitoring centers in the U.S., and provides coverage in all 50 states as well as Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands through their landline monitoring system.

Their area of coverage is one of the most extensive in the industry, making them an ideal choice for consumers living or traveling to those specific areas outside the continental U.S.

Easy Setup and Installation

Setting up any Medical Alert system is a breeze. For the At Home systems, you simply plug the base station unit into a wall outlet to power it up, connect the phone cord (if your system requires a landline) and then turn it on. The On-the-Go system is also extremely easy to set up. Just make sure the mobile device is fully charged. Once it’s charged, you’ll want to test the system by pushing the emergency button. That’s it.

Bottom Line

Bottom Line

You won’t find too many surprises with Medical Alert as far as medical alert services provided. Both the landline and non-landline (cellular) home units come with a 600-foot range and up to a 72-hour battery backup, which is fairly standard in the industry. Medical Alert is an industry leader and is the largest medical alarm company in North America who offers competitive service and pricing.

Medical Alert Review
Medical Alert Review

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