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In a Nutshell aims to remove inaccurate reporting from customers’ Transunion credit reports. It offers 24/7 monitoring and a library of credit information to help you make educated decisions with your credit. You will receive a credit repair assistant to answer any questions and guide you through the process.

  • Provides a score tracking analysis tool
  • Website offers a live chat feature
  • Extensive customer education section
  • Only monitors credit with one credit bureau
  • High fee of $99.95/month at a Glance at a Glance

Credit BureausTransUnion
GuaranteeCancel anytime
PaymentOne-time credit report fee, monthly fees
Best At Removing incorrect information from credit reports Features Features

CreditRepair is a credit reporting services site that specializes in keeping false information off of customers’ credit scores. Bad information can hurt credit scores unnecessarily and increase loan and credit card interest rates, or even prevent you from getting a loan for years. CreditRepair aims to make sure that never happens by working directly with the credit bureau to get incorrect information off its customers’ credit reports as quickly as possible. On average, members see a 40-point increase in credit score in just 4 months with

  • Proven results

Proven results

CreditRepair’s members have seen 7% of their questionable credit report negatives removed each month, on average. The average customer’s credit score goes up 40-points in 4 months of membership.

  • Repair damaged credit

Repair damaged credit

CreditRepair’s experts work directly with the credit bureaus and creditors to make sure customer’s credit history has accurate information, is up-to-date, and doesn’t have unsubstantiated negative information.

  • 24/7 credit monitoring services

24/7 credit monitoring services monitors customer’s credit score via TransUnion and alerts customers of any changes and updates on their credit report.

 Fraud Support

 Fraud Support monitors customer’s credit score via TransUnion (one of the 3 credit bureaus) and alerts customers to any changes and updates on their credit report. If  a customer receives an alert of fraudulent activity on their credit report, one of’s experts will provide advice and a personalized plan for how to best deal with the problem.


Fees charges customers a fee of $99.95 per month. checks your reports for any inaccuracies, challenges the credit bureau to repair mistakes and changes your credit score for improved credit. It urges customers to expect improvement each and every month while using this service.

Credit Information Education

Credit Information Education provides customers with a library of credit reporting information. In order to best serve clientele, publishes a new article on the company blog each week, on a variety of personal finance topics. The article library contains helpful materials on credit improvement, debt solutions, identity theft prevention, lending information and investing knowledge. In all, the information can help customers make better financial decisions and improve their credit scores.


Conclusion provides customers with an expert credit repair assistant. The team works directly with Transunion credit bureau and customers’ creditors to ensure that customers’ credit reports have accurate, up-to-date information, and do not contain unsubstantiated negative information. is focused on providing customers with the foundation for a stable financial outlook. Not only does it help clients safeguard their credit scores, it provides the tools needed to repair and improve customers’ existing credit scores. Review Review

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